Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Since I started on my quest for improved fitness/ better health, I admit that I've done better with the exercise than the healthy eating. I just seem to crave chocolate almost all the time. I can satisfy my craving with something as simple as chocolate milk, but often find myself wanting much more than that. It's a bummer, as giving in to the cravings mean I am taking away from all the hard work I'm doing with exercise. I'm working out 4-5 times a week and still on the running program. I often feel like I am just spinning my wheels, not making any true progress, but try to refocus myself and realize it's a journey with different bumps in the road every day. And frankly, a life without chocolate chip cookies is not something I want to experience.

After I ran this morning and got cleaned up, I tried to pick out a marginally more creative outfit than my usual jeans and T. I pulled out one of my 3 pairs of shorts and grabbed a black blouse. I dressed myself, and realized the shorts were not only comfortable, they were a bit roomy.

ROOMY, people!

I bought these shorts 2 years ago, right before we went to Hawaii. I was pregnant at the time (I didn't know it yet), and they were almost too snug, but I was desperate for something cool to wear in the tropics. I never really imagined that they would be close to TOO big on me. I wear jeans so often, and they are a terrible barometer of weight loss (I always shrink mine in the drier, so they are snug when I first put them on). I didn't really think I'd made any improvement in the last few months, but there you go: my shorts are a little too big.

I guess the running really is helping. This is week 5 of the plan, and it's getting interesting. By the 3rd day of running this week, I'm supposed to be jogging for 20 minutes straight. While I know I CAN do it, I'm curious to see how I feel in the middle of it. I think I'll mix up my playlist, maybe add a little Rocky theme song in the middle to get pumped up. And of course, I keep telling myself that pushing the stroller makes me work 30% harder. I hope this means that race day will be 30% easier than my usual workout, but I have a feeling that's not going to be the case. Oh well, whatever keeps me running, right?


Jacob, Kelly, Austin and Chase said...

Way to go! I love that feeling when you put on some old clothes and realized that they are getting to big. Keep up the hard work.

sarita said...

I totally agree with you on the chocolate chip cookies---I think I would rather be fat than give them up!
And congrats on the shorts being loose! I love that feeling.
Thanks again for lunch--I got some fresh basil and I'm going to try your recipe.

Hi, I'm Robyn! said...

So happy for you! I too could never ever ever give up chocolate. Way to go on sticking with the program- love the Roomy report too!!

ps- where've you been? I miss you! I called you today- want to get Malaina for playgroup. Call me!