Sunday, September 7, 2008

Week 2 Update

Training: I'm still on the program. It was a little more running this week, mixed in with walking. I did the program on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. I got up early on Saturday, bundled up Big J, and we went up the hill and around the lake by the library. It was a cool, foggy morning with lots of bunnies out along the trail. I'm most enjoying getting outside and exploring different trails and paths. Week 3 ramps up the running, so I'll be interested to see how I do. After the first 5 minutes or so I seem to adjust fairly well, so hopefully it will continue. My knee is bothering me a little bit, but the twinge usually goes away after warming up.

Pledges: I am so humbled to have received more than half my goal in pledges. Your confidence in me is inspiring, and I feel the weight of this responsibility on my shoulders every day of my training. I still have $200 to meet my goal, so I'll be sending out another groveling email asking for pledges and support. For those of you who have donated - Thank You! For those of you still thinking about it - do it! It's tax deductible! It's for a great cause! You won't be sorry!

In other news: I have a lovely goosegg on my forehead. I nailed myself on the corner of the trunk of my car while heaving the stroller back inside yesterday morning. It wasn't bad yesterday, but this morning it was marked by a nice red spot and some lovely swelling in the surrounding area. It's hard to see if you're not really looking for it, but I'm still glad I cut my bangs on Friday & I can kind of sweep them over so you can't see it. I iced it with a bag of frozen peas, but it still aches.

Have you been to El Rodeo yet? I have, and I want to go back. Tomorrow. And the next day. And possibly the next. Good Mexican food is hard to find outside the West Coast, and I'm a little shocked this place is as yummy as it is. In Des Moines? Oh yeah. Cheap, too. You know it's got to be good if the homies eat there. I know, it's a stereotype. But you shoulda seen the guy - he could have been straight out of South Central. Again - in Des Moines? Oh yeah.


Ashley said...

Amy, you crack me up!! I left DM being bummed I Never found authentic Mexican. Being from Texas, it's hard to compare anything to real mexican, or texmex, and On the Border just didn't quite cut it for me. So it figures the one place I meant to try and never got around to doing: El Rodeo, was where the money was at . I'm glad you enjoyed it!! I'll have to try there whenever we come back and visit.

Sorry to hear about your goose egg bytheway. That always sucks. I ran into the corner of a wall the other day. Just walking. How's that for cool? =)

Suzie Bean said...

Sounds like the training is going well. Good joB!!!!!

I love El Rodeo, that was the 1st place Brent took me when we were dating, out here. Loved it, but when I was prego with Megan, couldn't even stand the smell of it! Luckily that went away, and can you believe the prices there!? Maybe we will have to to to lunch sometime...and we know just the right place?!?!