Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A little dream

I love being able to stay close to home and chip away at chores throughout the day. I sometimes wonder how I ever managed to work full time, commute an hour each way, and still spend time with my family while trying to keep up on the house. I didn't do it very well, and marvel at how I did it at all. I don't really mind housework, it's finding the time to get it done at all. I have to work many chores around Big J's nap schedule (schedule - who am I kidding??) or bedtime, etc.

My main bete noir is the kitchen. I like a clean kitchen, but am always behind on it. I blame my dishwasher. It's small, poorly designed and LOUD. I never run it at night or first thing in the morning because it's so noisy. I try not to run it in the middle of the day, as either Big J is sleeping or I am trying to work/ make phone calls & it's not terribly professional to have your colleagues hear either the dishwasher or a screaming baby in the background.

I sometimes fantasize about my dream house. The kitchen is most important to me, as it's the heart of the home. I also love to cook so having space and good appliances is critical. Here's my dream:

I want a kitchen that is large and open, with vaulted ceilings. It will overlook the family room, appearing to be almost one huge space that flows into each other. Tile or wood floors. It will have maple cabinets below and glassfronted cabinets above. Slideout shelves in the cabinets. A special space for all my cookie sheets and baking pans. An open nook for my cookbooks. The countertops will be granite. Appliances - probably stainless, but only if they've invented a stainless look that doesn't hold fingerprints. If not, then black. Definitely a gas cook top with separate, double convection ovens. A large island with an offset counter - one side will be sized for me, the other will be countertop height. A large, farmhouse-style sink with pull out spray nozzle and built in water filter. And most critical in the kitchen - DOUBLE DISHWASHERS. Wouldn't that be dreamy?

I used to think multiple appliances were rather silly. Now that our dishes and laundry have tripled in the last 6 months, I am seeing the light. One of my old friends has 5 children, and I never quite believed her when she said she did 5 loads of laundry every day. Now, I believe it.

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Chrissy Jo said...

I'm totally with you on the kitchen... and yet when it came down to buying this house that was the one thing that had to give. Oh well. Someday I'll have my dream kitchen... someday I'll have a dishwasher other than my own two hands... someday. :-)