Monday, September 29, 2008

So close!

I am just $130 away from my pledge goal for the Komen for the Cure race on October 25. First, thank you to those who have donated. I am grateful for your support of this important cause and of me. I won't let you down - I ran 2 miles yesterday & will continue to train and push myself until I finish running that race!

Next, I am so close to my monetary goal, but would be incredibly grateful for any additional donations. It's NEVER too late to pitch in, and every single dollar helps. I hate grovelling for anything, but would happily walk through a bed of hot coals on my knees for additional donations. Or run 3.2 miles - I think it's going to be just as painful.

If you're not able to donate right now, please consider doing so in the future. Money is always needed to fund research and prevention programs. There are tons of great pink ribbon items out there, and they make wonderful Holiday gifts, too. Thanks for listening to my poorly worded plea.

Go Team Baby Bootcamp!

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