Thursday, September 11, 2008

A quiet moment

It's 8:24 am and I have been awake since 5:45. Big J was rarin' to go this morning, and despite trying to nurse/ pat/ cuddle him back to sleep, he was not having it. When the alarm went off at 6:00, he knew he had won. He is now down for nap #1 after getting changed, dressed, refusing breakfast (bananas=yuck!) and having some time in his bouncy chair. I've had my own breakfast, caught up on blog reading, checked for any major news stories and am enjoying my morning hot chocolate while the house sleeps once again.

I am so grateful for the little moments in my life. It's not the big stuff that I appreciate the most. Oh, I'll always remember the big moments - when Big Daddy first said 'I Love You', when the babies were born, all that good stuff. But I appreciate the quiet times, the small moments. When Big Sis cuddles in my lap before going to bed. I wrap my arms around her and stroke her hair, and remind myself: 'Appreciate this. She will not always want you to hold her like this'. When Big J sees me in the morning and reaches his chubby fist out towards me while smiling, cooing and spitting at me. I love those kids so much.


Suzie Bean said...

Oh I love quiet moments! They remind me to be thankful for little ones sleeping or that life is so full of busyness,but that we are so blessed!
Nie Nie is sad but touching, one of my favorite reads, I found their blogs a couple of months before the plane crash, it was really sad to read about.

sarita said...

Thanks for reminding me to appreciate the small moments in my life a little more.

Ashley said...

And it really is those small moments that mean the most, and make up the big part of life. I'm so glad you've already realized what's important...something I want to be better at realizing as well!

Bytheway, I've heard of Nie Nie & fam before, but really read into it yesterday from your link. SO SAD!!!It makes you want to appreciate the little things in life even more!!! Thanks for the reminder!