Saturday, November 6, 2010


(I had re-dedicated myself to blogging by promising myself I would post every day in November.  I have already failed.  In my own defense, Big Daddy came home early & then it got chaotic.  Whatever.  I'm back at it again).

Do your dreams speak to you?

I rarely remember my dreams.  I am either tossing and turning in the pursuit of sleep, or so exhausted that I descend into deep, dreamless nights.

Last night was more of the former, until about 4am, when I fell into a restless snooze.

I dreamt about a house.  A small house, with 3 bedrooms and high ceilings.  A house with smooth white walls and a fireplace with a crackling fire.  A house with dark wood floors and shining appliances.  A house with big windows in the back, with an unobstructed view of field, forest, and hills.  It was night outside and the house glowed with warmth, with light, with family.

(Image borrowed from Coastal Living online)

My interpretation of this dream is that I desire a home for our family.  We don't need anything spacious or fancy.  But I so desperately desire what a home represents in this dream: stability, permanence, comfort.

4th year has almost been worse than 3rd year in that thoughts of THE MATCH are all-consuming.  Will anyone want us?  Where will we go?  What will happen if we don't match?  What will happen if we do?

Is it February yet?

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there. I promise, the light at the tunnel gets closer and closer every year. It WILL happen!!