Saturday, November 13, 2010


We don't have cable TV.  We made the switch when we moved to Michigan 18 months ago, and for the most part have been very happy about it.  Yes, grumbling can be heard when a West Coast football game is on & we miss it, or when our small digital antennae acts more analog, but for the most part Netflix and Hulu take care of the majority of our TV needs.

An unanticipated benefit has been the reduction of the "I Wants" on the part of Big Sis.  No inane commercials played during inane cartoons = less awareness of the HOT NEW TOY AVAILABLE NOW, WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

However, I was slightly amused/ horrified when a momentary pause on channel 4's Saturday morning cartoons yielded the sudden desire for this:

This little beauty is Penbo, the Interactive Waddling Penguin with Bebe.   For only $78.95, she will speak gibberish, play hide-and-seek, and drop an egg out of her belly.  What 6 year old wouldn't want that??  I can see her playing with it for a total of 5.3 minutes before getting bored.  

My reaction?  I quickly turned the channel & started talking about books.  


Anonymous said...

Furby. We succumbed. Enough said :)

Chrissy Jo said...

Penbo looks like of creepy. I'm with you on the books. In fact, this year the majority of what my children will be receiving for Christmas is books. We seem to get too destructive with toys these day, but since they were teeny tiny they've known how to take care of books.