Monday, November 8, 2010


It's barely the beginning of November, and yet I had the most difficult time finding the right size/color for Big J's Christmas outfit.... because what I initially wanted was already sold out.  The slightly snarky salesperson implied that I was behind the curve if I wanted that sweater, as they were long gone & not coming back.


Halloween was last weekend.  

I consider myself a relatively prepared person, but apparently I dropped the ball by not having his outfit planned and purchased by mid-October. Fortunately, I found a better alternative so I think things worked out for the best.  

I love argyle, but wasn't feeling a cardigan (too "Mr. Rogers") or a sweater vest (this seems to be the default dressy option for boys & I am OVER it).  I think this is a great compromise - not too argyle, and not too plain.  I'm going to put this with black cords or grey pinstripe pants for pictures/ church, and then make it more casual with jeans.    

Now if the mall would just put up the tree, we might be able to capture our Christmas pictures before Big Daddy leaves for 4 weeks.  And yes, that is my Holiday optimism kicking in a little early....

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Anonymous said...

When my son was 2, I had an argyle vest that I LOVED on him - unfortunately, he hated it. I made him wear it anyway. Before church he would cry and cry and I held my ground. Yes, it was that cute!