Sunday, November 21, 2010

Twenty One


Does any woman LOVE her hair?  I mean unequivocally, would change nothing, has tresses of spun gold sprinkled with diamond dust, shake-it-out-Jen-Aniston, LOVE her hair?  

I don't.  While I'm a tad vain about mine, the texture is annoying, the current color drab, & the cut in desperate need of h-e-l-p.   

As frustrating as it can be, it always brings me a surge of joy when I find something that really works.  

The texture of my hair is wavy.  Not curly, just a bit wavy.  Enough so that when it's humid it poofs, when it's cold it goes limp, when it's clean it's got volume galore (with a crown of frizz), and when it gets misted on it looks near perfect.

It's a PAIN.  Living 5 miles from Lake St. Clair means that here my hair gets more than enough humidity to make it a near-embarrassment.  Mousse doesn't work, gel doesn't work, leave-in conditioner doesn't work.

But I found a magical mix that does.  I mix a dime-sized amount of gel (any cheap gel - I currently have the $2.54 tube of Garnier Fructis) with a quarter sized dollop of Kiehl's Cream with Silk Groom (fyi - $19/ 4oz... I still have 3/4 of a bottle which I bought last December).  Separately, these two are as ineffective as the New Orleans floodwall.  Mixed together and finger-combed through my hair and it's glorious! No frizz, no weird waves, no sticky spots.

I've also started drying my hair with a cotton t-shirt, and amazingly, this too is helping to keep the halo of frizzies at bay.  I have yet to try "plopping" my hair, but it's next on my list.  


sarita said...

I, too, have issues with my hair. Right now I am dealing with the post-pregnancy hair that is just starting to grow in again, leaving baby hairs everywhere.

But you know what I do love? This line: "as ineffective as the New Orleans floodwall."


Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

Hair issues. YES! It's taken me years, too, and I have a concoctions for every style - curly or straight. I can do both! :)