Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Twenty Three

I am indecisive on what to post about today.  We got some GREAT news, but it's not something we want to share with anyone (and NO, I am not pregnant - stand down, family members!).  So I will go with the mundane.....

I've created our Thanksgiving menu, and while it's not earth shattering, I am very excited to try my version of this Spiced Apple Cream Cheese Danish Braid.  Because I am lazy, I am going to make a more quick-and-dirty version.  I'm skipping the homemade dough & subbing in puff pastry, but I'll do everything else as written.

Apples - good
Cream Cheese - good
Puff Pastry - good
Powdered Sugar Drizzle - good

I can't go wrong!


Anonymous said...

OK. that was just mean. to hint at awesome news and then withhold it! :)

Suzie Bean said...

yummy! although I would be the only one in my fam to eat something like this. also, I agree with the Junie B. Jones, she is a bit bratty, funny at times, but is disrespectful. Try the Magic Tree House Series. Joseph LOVES these and if your daughter is really into reading she will too, they are creative and really can challenge their reading level. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!!