Saturday, November 6, 2010


I keep a collection of cooking magazines for reference, and often thumb through past issues in search of a new recipe, a fresh idea, or just to look at the beautiful photography.  One day I came across a suggestion that has worked like a charm for me.

(Image borrowed from  Yum!)

When making baked goods, recipes often tell you to butter and flour a pan - a step I often omit in favor of parchment paper.  When baking a layer cake however, I will usually use parchment on the bottom, then butter and SUGAR the pan.  The layer pops out without difficulty & I don't need to worry about streaks of flour besmirching my lovely cake.      


Sarita said...

Brilliant! Sugar instead of flour.

Thanks for the tip!

Viva 30 days of blogging!

Anonymous said...

Good ideas! thanks