Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I said earlier that I am excited about Christmas this year.  And I am.

What I am NOT excited about is my dear husband's departure in 3 short days.  Part of the reason we chose to leave Des Moines was to avoid the weeks and months of "interview rotations" hundreds of miles from home.  And thus far we have avoided the dreaded separation.  But the time has come to ramp it up, push through 4th year, and log some miles.  Fortunately it's only for 4 short weeks, but it does come at the beginning of the Holiday Season.  Although he is not much of a willing participant in the holiday prep, his presence enhances our every festive activity and I am already missing him.

In an effort to distract myself & the kids and focus on the positive, I think I will make an advent calendar.  We have traditionally used a pre-made, chocolate filled IKEA version, but I'm thinking something more like this is in order:

(Image from design*sponge via d.Sharp)

Supplies: Envelopes, numbers, baker's twine, clothespins & 25 brilliant little activities.  Part of the appeal is that I already have everything but the envelopes.  Hopefully a quick trip to Michael's will yield something appropriate (among the 15 other things I will inevitably leave the store with).  

It will also help to serve as a countdown to Daddy's return, as he won't be back with us until December 19th.  Let the crafting begin!  


sarita said...

We are doing one of these this year too. Love the envelope idea. I was actually going to post about it this week...thanks for the link!

Ashley said...

Advent calendars are such a cute idea - I'm just a crafty copycat. Love to do it, but need someone to tell me how to do it, and maybe I'll spice things up with my own color here or there. I know, whoa.
So let me know how it turns out ;).

Good luck w/ the 4 weeks!!! Hopefully it flies by super fast because you're SO busy with holiday things......(just trying to send some happy thoughts your way.) Hang in there - it's almost over! You're on the countdown!