Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Twenty Four

Do you Groupon?

I am usually the last one to the party when it comes to a trend, a hot topic, or the latest & greatest.  But in this case, I think I was right on time.

Groupon is a marketing site which offers a different deal every day.  It promotes local businesses and services, and can be customized by your city or zipcode to reflect promotions that will best fit you.  Groupon usually highlights a deal that is 50-90% off, and a minimum number of people must commit to buying the deal before it 'tips' and opens to everyone.   Sometimes deals found in other cities can be redeemed online, so it offers even more options if you're willing to check it out.  Although there are many days when I don't take part, so far I have bought the following:

  • $25 for $50 of Gap merchandise.
  • A mani/pedi for $25.  (Can't wait to use this!)
  • Half-off Detroit Science Center tickets (ended up paying $24 for 4 tickets, which included an IMAX movie & also allows us to go to the Children's Museum on another day).
  • $25 for $50 in merchandise from Nordstrom Rack.  
Most of the deals have an expiration date of several months out, so no need to fear purchasing & not being able to use.  I've seen deals for restaurants, hotels, attractions, yoga, personal training, teeth whitening, clothes, jewelry, cupcakes, and much more.  Check it out!  

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Ashley said...

LOVE Groupon. Sara introduced me to them ;). I purchased a lot of $5 movie tickets and then found out that the site later went out of business. But I got a full refund so yea. Can't wait to buy more - if only my budget was bigger ;)

Have a great thanksgiving tomorrow!