Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Ten days of blogging and I am sick of myself.  I just don't want to make the effort to craft a scintillating post complete with pics which have been photoshopp'd to the limits of good taste.  So please tolerate this:

I am so excited about Christmas this year.  I can't even say why.  We're not travelling, we don't have big plans, and our budget is tiny.

I can't wait to take Christmas card pictures.

I am counting the days until the kids can see Santa.

I am searching for an advent calendar (one we can use year after year) to make the Christmas countdown more fun.

Most of our presents are bought or awaiting the final touches.  

The Christmas lights are hung outside & ready to be lit on Thanksgiving weekend.
(yes, we are those neighbors - who leave the lights up year round. What can I say?  I had to choose between pushing the issue of taking them down & risking not having them go up again.... or not). 

What about you?  Are you ready?  Are you dreading it?  Counting down the days to Black Friday?  


Kelly said...

I'm so excited for Christmas! I'm trying hard to get all my shopping done before the baby. I'm running out of time!

Sarita said...

We have simplified Christmas so much since Ryan has been in school and I must say that I love it! So we don't give extravagant gifts or spend lots of money--little or no gift-giving means little or no stress! And more time to focus on what is most important--making fun memories together.

And I can't wait either. I have to resist the urge to listen to Christmas music on Pandora every single day.

Anonymous said...

It's strange but that seems to be the sentiment this year with a lot of my friends. We are all ready for some holiday cheer a bit earlier this year :)

Chrissy Jo said...

With the arrival of sweet #3 I feel like I'm about 10 steps, 10 days, 10 minutes behind all the time... In all honesty it's left me feeling more stressed and less excited about Christmas this year. Im my fear that I will be stressed and stretched thin the entire season I am trying to get things done ahead of time. Christmas cards? Check. Grandkids calendar for grandma? Check. Presents for ANYONE ELSE? nothing. Sigh. I'll get there. :-)