Monday, November 15, 2010


Saturday was a day with no plans and no obligations, so we decided to break out the Groupon and use the Detroit Science Center tickets I had purchased at a buy-one-get-one free price.  This was an especially good deal as it included an IMAX movie.  Bonus: the ticket receipt is good for admission to the Children's Museum within the next 30 days.


We arrived at opening time, and had a surprisingly challenging time finding parking.  Most of the roads in the museum district are under construction, so we circled and weaved through a handful of parking options before finding one that was open for business.

The museum itself is also undergoing renovation, so it was somewhat confusing to get around.  You entered on one level & immediately descended to another, IMAX was even lower, and you had to go up to 4 to see the Planetarium.  I am hopeful that it will be easier to navigate when everything is completed.

There was a small area for the under 5 set.  This included a dress-up space with stage, water play, a diner, a bouncy ball space, and an enclosed play space for toddlers.  Cute, but small.  Amused my kids for about 30 minutes.

The remainder of the museum is more appropriate for kids 8 and up.  Big Sis had a lot to see & do, but Big J was pretty bored.  There were displays showing a smelter and factory assembly line, a miniature Mackinac Bridge, nutrition, alternative fuel vehicles, rockets, and then general displays illustrating different scientific principles.

We watched the IMAX movie "Hubble" about the Hubble telescope.  It was impressive & educational, but the theater is domed & it was hard to lay nearly flat to get a total view of the 4 story dome curving above you. It was also hard to get the kids to focus on the movie, despite the fact that it was less than an hour long.

The planetarium was on the top level, and we caught the show "Your Guide to the Night Sky".  I give it a "C".  He only talked about locating 4 different stars, and told some very bad jokes.  It was also supposed to be 30 minutes long & ran over 45.

After spending almost 4 hours there, we exhausted our patience & the amount of exhibits.

Final grade: B-.  Best for kids ages 8 and up, unless you have a child REALLY interested in science, then maybe 6 and up.  I wouldn't go back again until they've finished the construction & only if I had discounted tickets.

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Ashley said...

Oh my goodness Amy I am in love with your 30 day post goal. It's like sitting down & getting to read a good, very entertaining book. ;) I LOVE how you can take even the most normal things of life, and write them down making them witty and clever. What a talent you have to write. I love your reviews of things. I use websites you recommend all the time ;). Thanks for posting about your family - I love seeing/hearing what y'all are up to. PS your kids are ridiculously cute & while Big Sis seems the same to me for some reason (as cute as ever), Big J is so big - what happened to that baby?? ;)