Friday, November 19, 2010


Big Daddy and I have started swimming in the mornings.  If we are on the ball, we can drop off Big Sis at school, get to the Y right when Child Watch opens & squeeze in a few laps before water aerobics begins.

Although I never look forward to donning a swimsuit, the pool is usually in the 80's & it's a treat to let the warm water surround me as I watch the frost creep up the windows.

As much as I swim for moderate exercise (my shoulders are toning up nicely), I also swim for the sense of tranquility it gives me.  Unlike the gym, I don't have to listen to someone talk on their cell phone, hear them bray at an inane program, or splash me with their wayward sweat.  I can put my head under the water and watch the gentle blue ripples around me as I stroke my way from side to side.  If exercise is like free therapy, swimming is the active meditation that soothes.


Anonymous said...

and perhaps a triathlon is in your's the swimming part that holds me back. maybe it's time for me to get in the pool, too!

Chrissy Jo said...

I think I can relate to this post. Swimming is my 2nd favorite form of exercise. I'm amazed at how my mind can feel so calm and peaceful yet my body is working hard and afterwards I feel strong. I wish it was an exercise option for me right now. Hopefully someday in the future it will be.